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I Don't Talk Service No More (2011)

I Don't Talk Service No More (2011)

A Korean War vet phones up an old service mate late at night to talk about their time in Fox Company.

An adaptation project for NYU Grad Film, based on the short story by Charles Portis.

Service made its premiere on the Oxford American website in August, 2013. The accompanying interview can be found here


Peter McRobbie (Buddy) 
Richard Marshall (Neap) 
Alix Elias (Neap’s Wife))


Laura Moss (DP)
Vladimir de Fontenay / Samantha Chamblee (AC’s)
Danielle Lessovitz (Gaffer) 
Benjamin Rutkowski (Sound Mixer) 
Zachary Schamberg (AD)
Rori Bergman (Casting Director)
Jack Parlante (Production Designer)