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Whiskey & Ditch (2013)

Whiskey & Ditch (2013)

Holy Christmas, there’s a buffalo in the front yard! Set in the wilder days of Wyoming in the 1970s, Whiskey ‘n Ditch is a short examination of strong family dynamics against the changing face of the new west.

A second year project for NYU Grad Film.


Sam (Skyler Fortgang
Dot (Eileen Grubba
Hank (Gene Jones
Reno (George Riddle
Curlew (John Keebler)
Tommy (Liam Broggy)


Pepe Avilla del Pino (DP)
Laura Moss (Production Designer)
Joe Origlieri (Sound Mixer) 
Vika Evdokimenko (AD)
Rori Bergman (Casting Director)
Colin Whitlow (Producer)
Jack Parlante (Executive Producer)