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Quantization Nation! (2015)

Quantization Nation! (2015)


Quantization Nation! is a 1930s Sci-Fi Science Refresher for Adults, created as a collaboration with the NYU Tisch Design Department.

Quantization Nation! by Katrina Whalen
9:09 min … 16mm … 2015 … USA



Sylvie (Amelia Martin)
Kaspar (Branson Reese)
Harold Q Robot (Kate Brehm)



Danielle Lessovitz - Cinematography

Stephan Moravski - Production Designer

Arri Fulton - Costume Designer

Audra Brandt - Miniatures

Matteo Borghese & Katrina Whalen - Writers

John Morrow  - Producer

AnnaRose King & Bella Wing-Davey - Executive Producers

Matthew Leabo - Puppet Construction

Margherita Arco - Assistant Director

Edward Barnes - Gaffer

Marie Constantinesco - Production Sound